Welcome to Global Referendum 2020

Principle: The will of the people as expressed through a global referendum, as long as it is in accordance with the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Earth Charter, shall be the highest expression of political power on planet Earth.

At Global Referendum 2020, a timeline for action is being developed as well as articles that further flesh out the idea. Additional articles can be found at a companion website, Ratification Through Referendum.

A possible date for the first global referendum is Saturday, March 21, 2020. That will be the Fall Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, and the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. Night and day will be of equal duration all around the world.

Why the year 2020? The year 2020 feels like soon enough to make a difference, and far enough away to allow time for preparations.

John Kintree

November 5, 2016

revised, March 11, 2018