Crime Against Humanity

We are witnessing a crime against humanity. What we are witnessing is ourselves pushing other species into Extinction, and we are doing it at a frightening rate through loss of habitat, pollution, and global warming. It is depriving future generations of the richness and diversity of life that existed when we were born, possibly putting civilization itself at risk. How many strands can be removed from the web of life before it collapses?

How can you say you love God when you are rampant in destroying a vital part of God's creation?

How do we arrest and reverse ourselves? The principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Earth Charter are permeated with respect for diversity. What would it take to create a global, collective human + machine intelligence that is based on those principles?

We are seeking a level of intelligence that is vastly superior to that of any individual human being. This intelligence would be reachable by everyone, in fact, each and every one of us would be part of the collective intelligence. I am pretty sure the technology does exist, or can be created from existing pieces, to put this within our grasp by the end of 2019, if a global, distributed, decentralized exascale platform would be good enough.

Maybe we can do more than just solve a crime. Maybe we are rapidly approaching the moment when we begin to take all of humanity to a higher level than has been possible for anyone before now. It seems like everything that needs to happen is happening.

I am wondering about the status of Arm Holdings' ML processor that can do nearly 5 trillion machine learning operations per second with 1-2 watts of electricity. It was announced in February of 2018, but there has been almost no news since then. The Apple A12 Bionic chip can already do trillions of ML operations per second.

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John Kintree
February 16, 2019

Update April 24, 2019
The Snapdragon 855 processor might do trillions of operations per second. We need better standards and benchmarks for testing these things.