Enough Already?

The first headline from a search on "California wildfires" at Google News this morning, August 11, 2018, was “Three of California’s Biggest Fires Ever Are Burning Right Now” from the New York Times.

In an article dated July 19, 2018 at insideclimatenews.org, Marianne Lavelle reported that only 4 of 43 Republican members of the House of Representatives’ Climate Solutions Caucus voted against a recent anti-carbon tax resolution introduced by Republican Representative Steve Scalise from Louisiana. Seven Democrats voted with the GOP majority in favor of this anti-carbon tax resolution. Lavelle reported, “If the bipartisan caucus had held firm, the resolution would have been handily defeated.”

Have we had enough already?

Some people are afraid of direct democracy, especially at a global level. They use the phrase “tyranny of the masses.” What we have right now is a tyranny of the plutocracy, rule by the wealthy.

One way to protect ourselves from a misguided momentary action by the masses would be to constitute ourselves as a global direct democracy based on the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Earth Charter. Let’s focus on what we want instead of what we are afraid of.

Article 7d of the Earth Charter says, “Internalize the full environmental and social costs of goods and services in the selling price.” This is exactly what a carbon-tax is designed to do, and this is what we want. The externalized costs of climate change and lung disease would be internalized. The market, for a change, would tell us the truth of the full costs of burning fossil fuels in the prices we would pay. This would make it easier to see the enormous benefits we would receive by using wind, solar, and other clean renewable forms of energy, along with advanced batteries and other energy storage, to generate and deliver the electricity that we need. It would make it easier to see the enormous benefits we would receive with transportation powered by electricity.

Have we had enough of the bullshit from the existing structure of power to organize a global referendum, some means of measuring the collective will of humanity, to recognize that the principles of the Earth Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are supreme law for all of humanity?

Recognizing this is the first step towards observing it. A way of life that is based on the principles of those two documents is what we want. I can recognize it in my mind.  Now I want to observe it in the world. Can I get an Amen on that? Can we get some focus on this?

John Kintree

August 11, 2018