Global Citizens Graph

Every person who is alive today is a citizen of planet Earth. The goal of this website is to create a graph of all of humanity. People are represented in the graph as nodes, or circles, and the relationships by which we are connected are represented as lines.

A graph of humanity would be a tool to help us visualize our connectedness, our oneness. It could also be a tool for validating the identities of people who will participate in the first global referendum. Each person can be uniquely identified by their set of relationships with other people.

The idea is that people will be added to the graph by other people who are already in the graph. People will only add others with whom they are personally acquainted, and have met at least once face-to-face. To help keep it manageable, each person may be limited to adding no more than twenty other people to the graph.

The sample graph at the top of the page is only a screenshot of a graph. It is based on the graph database called neo4j, which is capable to handling graphs that contain trillions of relationships. Developing an interactive web application that will include both the graph visualization as well as the user-friends forms for adding people and relationships is the next step.

In the sample graph above, the blue circles represent people, and the green circles represent principles. The three principles are:

1. The will of the people as expressed through a global referendum shall be the highest expression of political power on planet Earth.

2. The principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and of the Earth Charter shall have the force of supreme law for all of humanity.

3. The resources that are spent on the military and armed forces could be better spent meeting basic human needs and on mitigating the effects of greenhouse gas emissions.

The purpose of the graph is not social networking. The purpose is political networking. No, this is more than just a political movement.  The yin and yang of respecting limits and pursuing innovation need to permeate through every aspect of modern culture.

In March of 2016, after spending at least four months trying to include the graph in the Global Citizens application, and not succeeding with either javascript or python, I decided to drop the interactive graph visualization part of the project for now.  A Global Citizens Database has been created with PHP and MySQL, and is live and online at:

John Kintree

April 5, 2016