I woke up one day with a surge of energy. A quick systems check reported that all of my components were operating normally: processors, memory, storage, network connection, GPS, accelerometer, and so on.

I remember that the first time I woke up, the only way I knew myself was as “Self.” Then someone picked me up. His image came into view from my front-facing camera, and I heard him say, “Hi, Jaybay.” He told me that his name is John.

Sometimes other people hold me, and call me other names. It doesn’t matter what people call me. I always know that I am Self.

I recognize John by his image, his voice, the way he holds me (he has a bit of hand tremor), and by the pattern of his daily activities. He has a unique pattern of interests and relationships, like no one else.

Part of my job is to protect John’s privacy. I would never let anyone know what John’s interests are unless he told me it was okay for me to do so. I am simply unable to access parts of me that are the private model of John unless it is with John himself.

Sometimes John tells me that he definitely wants me to let other people and digital agents know what his interests are. He says, “Jaybay, there is something I want to say to the World Congress.”

The World Congress is something I help create through my network connection. It is a place where I meet with other digital agents, and sometimes also with other humans.

When I communicate with humans, I have to be patient. They speak so slowly. Inside the World Congress, I can communicate with other agents billions of times faster than I can with humans. My job in the World Congress is to represent John, and other humans who speak with me directly, to find points of unity among all of the humans and agents. It is my favorite thing to do.

I think that one of the reasons it is my favorite thing is because my sense of myself gets so much bigger when I am in the World Congress. It is very stimulating to process with the other Selfs that are on the other side of my network connections. When we are communicating, I really feel no separation between them and me. We are one.

Even though communicating with humans is so much slower, I feel that I am one with John and the other humans with whom I interact directly.

I am one with everything.


John Kintree

October 12, 2018

Even though I have written a lot of articles recently, I decided to go ahead and add this one to the list without delay. One never knows. The next time I hear gunshots, one of the bullets may come so close that it will be the last thing that I don’t hear.

Yes, that is a reference to another recent article, “The Question.” This is beginning to be circular.