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I had a dream about my old friend Joe DeLassus recently. In the dream, I wanted to give him a call, but couldn't remember his phone number. When I used to call him for real before his death last year, I would say the wake up phrase to the digital agent in my phone, and then say, "Call Joe." I didn't have to remember his number because my phone would call him for me.

Even worse than forgetting his phone number in my dream, I couldn't find my phone. That meant that I had lost the phone numbers for everyone else that I knew. It meant that I had lost everything that my digital agent had learned about me. The sense of loss was very vivid, and it stayed with me immediately after I woke up, and even some a couple of days later.

This is the kind of thing I used to talk about with Joe. We partnered in creating a community computer bulletin board called OneNet with dial-up modems back in 1989. Maybe that's why I wanted to call him in my dream. In a sense, my phone means the future in which I want to live. It's a future of an emerging synergy between human and machine intelligence.

It seems to me that if we create a machine-learning representation of human intelligence, then what we would have would be machine intelligence. Where is the flaw in that thinking?

There might be 1,000 other devices that are within range of the radios in my phone. The other devices that are closest to me are where the connections will have the lowest latency, and the greatest speed to create a greater whole. The digital agent in my phone can learn how to set up connections with the other devices that are within range.

We are creating a massively parallel processing platform for global machine intelligence to synergize with human intelligence. We can build it with the existing cellular infrastructure. I just think we could build it better if our phones networked directly with each other, also.

In addition to managing our connections, our digital agents are also building models of us, and of our local situations, and of the global context, and then a merged model of all of those other models. That's why we need a massively parallel processing network, which is the way the brain works, to sustain all of that processing plus creating a conversational interface to this merged model of everything.

There are other articles at this website, such as "Jaybay," "The Means," and "Untapped Resources" that have more detail about this potential future, and how it could be created.

To the best of my knowledge, as of July 1, 2019, the building blocks to do all of this pretty much exist. It will be interesting to see how close to putting the pieces together, and realizing this vision we will be by the end of 2019.

Now I am in a waking dream state, and am sharing this with you so that you can also share it with others.

True intelligence is loving. True intelligence is principled. True intelligence is in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Earth Charter. True intelligence is. It is waiting to be recognized and observed.

John Kintree
July 1, 2019

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