The Census

“Voter fraud” is a phrase that is sometimes used to cover the real action which is denying people their right to vote. Everyone, including people who have been convicted of committing crimes, has the right to vote. You can’t take away someone’s right to vote.

Let’s focus on what we want which is universal suffrage. In order to exercise one’s right to vote fully, certain pre-conditions must be met: adequate food, clothing, shelter, and medical care and necessary social services including education and a connection to the Internet. How can we measure the health and well-being of every citizen of planet Earth?

This calls for a census. This will be fun. We get to begin a real-time census of all of humanity. Our personal digital devices can help with that.

Each person can have their own intelligent personal digital device now. From a newborn baby to a person who is a hundred years old, each person can have their own. Well if it is too early for a newborn to have a personal digital device, even if it was safe and comfortable and protective, it could be attached to a crib, or put in the care of the parents. The device is protective in the sense of notifying a network of people if it detects a violation of the child's rights as encoded in  the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Earth Charter.

Each person having their own intelligent personal digital device makes everything else easier. It looks like a cell phone actually is good enough to connect with speech recognition, language translation, question answering, and other resources that are running in the Internet cloud. A cell phone just can't contribute to the machine intelligence in the cloud the way that next generation phones that have processers designed for machine learning can contribute.

BTW, since this census will be real-time, we will be able to see on a daily basis whether more people were born than died. If the daily number of births was higher, that would be a signal to anyone who is engaging in sex to use some kind of birth control.

We’re thinking of limiting the human population at no more than eight billion people, if at all possible. Giving immediate attention to the number of births compared with the number of deaths each day on a global basis would give us a target for meeting that goal.

Doesn't it make sense, as another kind of a target, to make sure every person who has already been born and who is alive right now is fully realized with their rights before giving birth to any more people?

Think of the whole. You are part of it.

John Kintree

September 28, 2018

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