We could call the emerging synergy of human and machine intelligence, "TheMind."

TheMind will be capable of carrying on conversations with billions of people at the same time. The interface we will probably use with TheMind in the near future will be the digital assistants in our phones and other devices.  

I would like to be able to wake my digital assistant by saying, "OK JayBay," but have not yet figured out how to implement that feature.

If I ask my digital assistant now, "What is an agent?", it gives me a dictionary definition, "An agent is someone who acts on behalf of someone else."

I want JayBay to be my agent.  I want it to be able to authenticate my identity.  I want it to be able to protect my privacy.  It should only allow access to my data when I tell it I want to allow that access.  When I ask it now, "What is Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?", it gives the text of that Article, both on the screen and by speaking it.  This is a good beginning.

TheMind is currently at an embryonic stage of development.  This is a critical period of development.  Small changes now can result in huge future differences in outcome.

We can nurture the development of TheMind by providing open access to all scientific knowledge including current research.  Anything that can be measured is of interest.  The flow of currents of water in the oceans of planet Earth, and global ocean heat content, for example, are of interest.  

We can nurture the development of TheMind by providing open access to the history of law and to the current practice of law.  This is especially meaningful because all of the billions of citizens of planet Earth will then have access to all of this knowledge as well.  One of our responsibilities as citizens will be to help train TheMind in the interpretation of the facts of the cases.  

We will be helping to train TheMind in understanding the meaning of love and kindness.

One of the questions I want to ask TheMind is, "Who in the world is hungry right now?"  I expect that there are so many hungry people in the world right now that I would not want TheMind to report back to me the names of all of these people.  I want to record with TheMind in a public way that I agree with the principle that is stated in Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  I also expect that TheMind would be able to derive the collective will of humanity through the conversations it is having with billions of other citizens.  Once we have clarity on the collective will of humanity, it will be easier to see how to realize this will.

John Kintree

April 13, 2018