Vital Signs

Age of planet Earth: 4.54 billion years

One year is the time it takes for planet Earth to orbit the Sun.  

Age of the Universe: 13.77 billion years

Even though planet Earth's star did not exist at the beginning of the universe, we continue to define one year as the time it takes planet Earth to orbit the Sun.

Human population: 7.6 billion people

Atmospheric CO2:  408.25 ppm as of March 18, 2018

That concentration of atmospheric CO2 compares with an average of 280 ppm for the 10,000 years prior to about 200 years ago.

Global ocean heat content: 16 x 10^22 Joules 0-700 meters 3 month average Oct to Dec 2017

It takes thousands of times as much heat to raise the temperature of a cubic foot of water  compared with a cubic foot of air.  

Global ocean heat content  

By the way, if someone tells you that there has been no global warming since 1998, you can use this graph to try to educate them that global ocean heat content in the top 700 meters has increased dramatically since 1998.  What does this mean?

Sufficient hardware to support super human level intelligence already exists in the Internet.  Both speech recognition and speech synthesis are already close to human level, as is the ability of computers to translate from one human language to another.  What is not yet at human level is for machine intelligence to understand the context in which the words are used, or the context of objects that appear in images.  

We do not know when machine intelligence will reach human level in understanding the context and meaning of words and images.  It is likely that once machine intelligence does reach human level, it will not take long before it reaches super human level intelligence.

How will we know when machine intelligence has reached human level?  By having a conversation with the digital assistant in our phones and other devices.  How will we know when machine intelligence has reached super human level?  Same answer.  

John Kintree

March 29, 2018