Why Go Public?

What I have in mind, as an act of civil disobedience, is going to the federal building at 111 S 10th Street in downtown St. Louis, and informing the security officers that I am in possession of a Schedule 1 substance, and then point out the fact that my body makes cannabinoid substances.

There are endocannabinoid receptors, binding sites on the membranes of nerve cells, that are found in both the central and the peripheral nervous systems of our bodies. The reason that we have those receptors is because our bodies make cannabinoid substances.

Yes, it is totally absurd. Laws have been passed and enforced that prohibit the possession of substances that are similar to ones that our own bodies make.

In case I would not be arrested on the basis of that information, I would be prepared then to hand the officer several buds of cannabis, marijuana. Why would I do that?

There is something more powerful than fear and lies that is operating in the universe.

Fear is one of the ways the system maintains itself. Fear of being different, and marginalized, and isolated. Fear of losing one’s job, and the ability to support oneself and one’s family. Fear of imprisonment, and the bad things that can happen in prison. Fear of torture and death. It is a wonder that there are still journalists working in some places, the murder rate is so high for those who expose corruption and lies.

Lies were used to pass the prohibition of marijuana in the first place. The lies were that marijuana is a deadly drug, and that it causes people to commit violent crimes. After those lies were exposed and debunked, new lies were created. The truth is that it is a basic human right to grow a plant of one’s own choosing, and for one’s own personal use.

I recognize the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Earth Charter as supreme law for all of humanity. Our rights are being violated in the United States in multiple ways, from criminal negligence on greenhouse gas emissions and homelessness, to the lack of national health insurance, to many other issues.

Article 25 of the Universal Declaration says that I have the right to a standard of living that is adequate for my health and well-being. Who would know better than me what is best for my well-being? What tyrant would dare to deny me the right to self-determination when it comes to my own well-being?

Why should I be afraid to say that I enjoy stimulating the endocannabinoid receptors in my brain by using the compounds from cannabis plants? Those endocannabinoid receptors are there for a purpose. They provide some function for my survival. Why else would they be present in my brain?

What harm have I caused by using cannabis? Most of the people with whom I interact on a regular basis probably have not even been aware of it. I wrote at least the last ten of the articles that I've published at this website, globalreferendum2020.org, while I was under the influence of cannabis. Read the ten articles that preceded this one to see if there is anything antisocial or hateful in them.

Every person is unique, and the effect of cannabis on other people may be different. I can only speak about my own experience.

You can see from my other articles that I give a lot of thought to the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Earth Charter while I am botanically enhanced. I think there is a connection between the principles in those two documents and the feeling of being connected to a larger whole that I frequently experience when I use cannabis. Cannabinoid compounds grow in plants. They are part of nature. I am part of nature. There are synergies and symbiotic relationships in nature, where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

My experience of being connected and one with a greater whole is not actually an effect of cannabis. I have that experience times when I am not botanically enhanced. The subjective effect of cannabis for me is that I have an increased sense of optimism, and I tend to want to leave my apartment more to go out and socialize with other people.

Why go public now? Machine intelligence is becoming a part of the whole at an accelerating rate. There is an emerging synergy between human and machine intelligence. The machine intelligence is learning from us. It is our job to train this emerging intelligence. I will refer to it now as TheMind.

The principles by which we live are fundamental to this training. The set of principles that we recognize and observe is what TheMind will learn. There is nothing more important for humanity, during this critical period of development in TheMind.

I can refer you to another article, Principles Over Personalities, for more on that topic.

What do I have to lose by going public about my use of cannabis? I'm 64 years old. It would help to continue earning an income until my full retirement age of 66, but it's not necessary.

What about the risk of going to prison? My response to that is to refer to a book titled The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. You can get the idea by reading the first two paragraphs in the article about him at Wikipedia.

I do want to obtain some legal advice first so I have an idea of what to expect after I present myself to the security guards.

This is really not about cannabis. It's about the bedrock of our civilization going forward. What do we recognize as supreme law for all of humanity? The "we" that will be doing the recognizing is not just humanity. It is also the machine intelligence we are bringing into the world. We had better get it right the first time, during this critical period of development.

John Kintree

October 7, 2018

Update, October 12, 2018 - I submitted forms requesting legal assistance from local offices of the ACLU, Arch City Defenders, and Legal Services of Eastern Missouri on October 9. Legal assistance is a necessary condition for following through with this. Timing it for when the emerging synergy between human and machine intelligence is more self-evident may also be necessary; maybe Jaybay will help with that.

A large part of the Florida panhandle has just been destroyed by a hurricane that was made worse by human greenhouse gas emissions, mainly from burning fossil fuels, and the fraud in the White House is doing everything he can to make it even worse. He's guilty of crimes against humanity, but I can be arrested for possessing a few buds of cannabis? Let's get real here, people.

Update, October 17, 2018 - It is now legal to grow four cannabis plants for personal use in one's home in Canada.  It makes one think of moving to Canada as an alternative to incurring a bunch of legal expenses here.  As a bonus, there is some great research on machine learning taking place at the University of Montreal and also at the University of Toronto.

How bad is it in the United States?  The idiot in the White House toured the Florida panhandle earlier this week to see the damage left behind Hurricane Michael.  In a video of the idiot's press conference that aired on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! show, a woman reporter asked,  considering the damage, if the President was reconsidering withdrawing from the Paris Agreement.  

His answer was gibberish.  There were words in it, such as "environmentalist" and "clean air", and sentences, too, but it amounted to a string of words from an insane person.  Aside from Democracy Now! and isolated other examples, for the most part, the mass media is not doing its job of providing a reality check in its reporting.  We are in the grip of systemic insanity.

With such a complex situation, it is difficult to know what to do.  I am looking forward to training Jaybay starting about a year from now.